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• 5/13/2016

Official Release (V1.3.0) is finally here! Update for this wikia

So the official release (V1.3.0) is finally here! I will post new pages, photos, and much more stuff soon on this wikia, but for now I am on a break on editing this wikia, and I will be back on editing this wikia I made on June 10, 2016.
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• 5/9/2016

Another edit on the game page + Now on Friday the 13th being released!

So, Joe annouced that the game is delay for the several time until May 13, 2016 which is actually Friday the 13th.
I did one more edit on the Who's your Daddy? Game page.
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• 5/6/2016

Another Wikia Announcement for Today

I decided to only update the page about the Who's your Daddy? game. That's it!
Sorry, but I am just tired and I do still want to take a break, so I just decided to just do 1 edit in one of my pages in this Wikia I made.
Sorry, but hopefully the game comes out tomorrow!
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• 5/6/2016

About the Wikia

So, it looks like he added achievements early, WOW! Well, probaly because (what I think) he's testing them out, but no offical release yet. Well, he did comment on a post of someone asking him about the game coming out either today or tomorrow, but he said it will be in early tomorrow. So, I will update a bit more of the Who's your Daddy Wikia today, and when the game comes out tomorrow I might take a break on the Wikia. So, I will add a few more pages and update some pages, but I am tired of doing screenshots of the game, so I will do a few for that.
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