This page features a list of Bugs/Issues that are still current or have been fixed.

Alpha (V0.9.0) - Current (Beta (V.1.2.0))

Current Noticed Issues Edit

Spinning Screen Edit

  • An apparent bug where the user's screen would begin spinning, and gradually turning upwards

Lag Edit

Constant Walking Left Edit

  • Issue where players (as dad) may unwillingly and constantly be forced to walk to their left

Game Crashes Edit

  • Game would crash after the unity screen at launch
  • Game would crash after being in the background (minimized) for long enough

Family Gathering Bugs Edit

  • Sometimes players will become invisible
  • Some textures may become odd/corrupted
  • Sometimes the game, after ended/finished, will still continue

Items Edit

  • Sometimes items would appear on a surface, when on the baby's point of view they would be on the ground
  • Sometimes items could fly for a view seconds after dropping them
  • Items sometimes "jump" due to Occlusion Culling. (Collisions)

Text Edit

  • Sometimes the text in game or on the main menu may appear as small boxes rather than actual letters

Misc Edit

  • Piano will sometimes begin to play itself/move after the user has left it
  • Cursor may disappear after a game/on the main menu
  • Baby can not be healed, fed, etc. whilst under the car

Resolved Issues Edit

  • Low Quality Crashes would cause crashes
  • Various chat issues
  • Car key no longer blocks baby's movement
  • Fixed issue where objects spawned outside of the house
  • Fixed issue where you couldn't drown in the upstairs sink
  • Fixed issue where you could drown whilst outside of toilets
  • May no longer disable yourself using the baby disably
  • Baby disably visuals are no longer infinite
  • Fixed issue where baby faces in Family Gathering Mode would be invisible
  • Fixed issues where Family Gathering lobbies would not remove players properly
  • Fixed issues with baby restrainy
  • Fixed issues where extinguished candles lit baby on fire as well
  • Oven lock fixed
  • Baby can no longer use items through the garage tables
  • Can no longer freeze outside of the fridge
  • Fixed an issue where cooked items could not be picked up
  • Resolved problems with power-ups not being rewarded correctly
  • Resolved issues where dad and baby names showed a number after their names
  • Fixed a problem where the fire extinguisher did not extinguish babies
  • Baby status text now appears in all game modes

Trivia Edit

  • Many collision glitches have been on of the main parts of these current bugs in the game
  • There has also been some rare impossible glitches that might not get fixed or will
  • There has been many possible solutions of bugs to get outside the house or through walls
  • A gallery of some of the rare or seen glitches that are known to be or been occurring around the game back then
  • Many bugs are currently getting fixed

Gallery Edit

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