The Evil Box was a hidden object/item in the Garage room (when it was unfinished), it only appeared in a few versions and was completely almost hidden from people playing the game (unless glitching out of the map). The box does nothing and has also never been mention from Joe, since due to the fact that numerous amounts of people have been asking him about the object, he has never mention nothing about it. But it has been from some people that it might be a toy to put in the toy box. It's still unknown so far what it was supposed to do. The evil box was removed after the update when the developer added the rest of the rooms in the game.

Appearance Edit

The Evil Box has a very basic and simple design of a model like that. It is a very squared cube (non-rounded), and is a bit brightly red. It's official name is even though Evil Box. The box also does glow a little like how the Baby Key glows (glows more than the Red Evil Box Object).

Role(s) Edit

The Evil Box does nothing so far. But people have been spectating that it is a toy, because they have been discovering that putting the Evil Box first with have this popping up saying "Chore Started" which is what this says and pops up when you put other baby toys in there.

Trivia Edit

  • The Evil Box and The Strange Rubber Object have both some similarities like both Hidden, Do Nothing, Never Mentioned from the Developer, Mysterious, & a bit Glitchy.
  • The Evil Box only has a few glitches like how much the SRO had.
  • The Evil Box was removed after the New Rooms Update.
  • The Evil Box is similar in appearance to one of the Baby's toys; a Red Block.
  • The Evil Box (similar to the Strange Rubber Object) has never been mention by the developer.

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