Joseph Dave Williams (thehumanidiot) is known to be a 3D game developer and has been credited by some games for his Game designing or modeling. He lives in Gilbertsville, Pennsylvania currently and is working on a new game called "Who's your Daddy?" which is planning to be released on April 29th, 2016. It is also his most popular game yet and is on Steam too.

Game developing and modeling Edit

He has been developing and making games with Unity3D and Blender for years now, he has been some cool art with his programs, some are low-poly, some are for his games, and others are just his original ideas. He has been also working on game which has been his first popular game and also his first game to be on Steam too. Who's your Daddy? being a multiplayer game where you play as the daddy or the baby. The daddy has to babyproof the house while Mom's not home and he also needs to watch the baby, so while the baby doesn't kill himself with any easy or certain death. The game has been played by popular youtube gamers and is still bringing lots of players to play the game to this day. Even though, the game is still in the beta and is still incomplete. It's official release date is planned to be on April 29th, 2016.

He also has a website were you can view his other work too.

Link here: