The Strange Rubber Object is an hidden object located in the Master Bedroom in the right nightstand in the top draw. It is an object some people have laughed about or get confused with and does nothing to either of the players, if playing either as Daddy or Baby.

This object has no roles which means it does nothing, but it does have some physics and has been tested with crazy experiments as well. The Strange Rubber Purple Object still doesn't have a lot of information or roles so far for now.

Appearance Edit

The Strange Rubber Object ressembles a Adult Toy called a "Dildo" or a "Vibrator" which has the shape almost as a penis. It's bright purple-pink color that suits this Object. The Object also has physics but does nothing with Daddy or Baby or everything else. It's physics makes this object a very rubbery object, which is why the official name of this object is called as "Strange Rubber Object".

Trivia Edit

  • This object remindedly ressemables a adult toy.
  • People have been spectating that the object is probably known as "Mommy's Toy".
  • The object has no roles, but has physics.
  • People have also been spectating that they're might be a second one in the game as a extra update or DLC.
  • The object only had a few glitches earlier in the game which were pretty rare back then, but have been probably although secretly fixed later on.
  • This object was never ever mention from any words from the developer of the game "Joe Williams".

Gallery Edit